Safe Kitchen Appliances – Ceramic Vs Normal Cookware

Please take a second to think about your cooking habits and how you prepare the meal for your family every day.

We are certainly sure that almost all housewives always want to cook the most delicious and fresh dishes rich of nutrition for their family to protect the health from the smallest cells.

The first thing is preparing the ingredients; this requires you to have a good selection to all the types of food so that that can be at the best condition – fresh and clean.

After that, think about how you are going to cook – an important part deciding the quality of the meal. An example for a simple dish – fried fish that is often cooked with nonstick pan or metal one. This way is not the safest way to cook because of some hidden threats from nonstick and metal kitchen appliances.

Best Ceramic Cookware

But you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Recently, with the evolution of manufacturing, we can now easily buy the best ceramic cookware easily with a reasonable price and get rid of problems from chemicals in nonstick cookware sets.

The History of Cooking With Ceramic Cookware

With the unlimited ability of creation, from the beginning of human era when we know how to use fire, people used tools from ceramic and use the heat from sunlight to cook the food for better taste and avoid diseases from raw food. Scientists have found many evidences about food cooking appliances made by ceramic from the very first timeline of human history.

The Benefits From Cooking With Ceramic Cookware

These conclusion are gathered from kitchens all over the world

ceramic cookware

Food from ceramic cookware is cooked better with amazing taste, fresher and really good to our health. The food’s moisture are kept better inside the ceramic cookware. Metal cookware can’t keep the water so that the food is often dried a little bit after being cooked for a long time.

The food is not shrunk much after cooking. The natural flavor remains almost completely when using ceramic cookware in cooking process and the food is not confounded with any kinds of chemicals of unhealthy metal components.

The heat kept inside the ceramic cookware helps the cooking and warming process continue for quite a long time after using though you’ve turn the fire off. This is the feature that no set of metal cookware can have, even with stainless steel because of their thinness. They are unable to maintain the heat for long time. When the fire is off, the heat inside is distributed completely.

The ceramic cookware works perfectly with any kinds of stove and cooker: gas stove, electric stove, infrared cooker, and microwave oven and can be used inside any kinds of oven. If you want to use the cookware with magnetic stove, you can use the models that are compatible with that type of heat.

What’s Wrong With Nonstick Cookware?

Nonstick cookware is being used widely all over the world. It gain popularity among housewives because of the convenience, but there’re many problems that we don’t even know about.

Nonstick layer contains PFOA – some kind of compounded chemical used in manufacturing to create a slipping layer and create nonstick coating. When being heating till a certain temperature, PFOA coated on the surface of the cookware might be disposed and create toxic gas into the air and your food as well.

PFOA has been a subject for argument because of the bad things it causes to human health and therefore nonstick cookware is considered as the main example for the problems. In many researches on animals, PFOA can cause many health risks such as severe mental changes for brain and nerve system, some kinds of disorder and other types of physical health problems.

Using ceramic cookware is the modern trend nowadays. It’s not only the best solution to avoid health problems caused by nonstick cookware but also enhance the taste and the quality of your meal to a whole new level. On market, there are so many models of ceramic cookware with various types of shape, style and size. However, make sure that you read some reviews about ceramic cookware before investing money into a set so that you can have the best choice in compatible with your kitchen as well as other types of appliances.