Take a Revolution for Your Better Kitchen

If the kitchen is the only room in your house undergoing renovation, you don’t have to resort to the extreme measures. Just empty the kitchen, packing up all the cookware and dishes you won’t be using for a while, and store them in another part of the house where they’ll be safe until all the construction work is completed. It’s a good idea to move upholstered pieces away from the temporary cooking and dining area as well, and to pack up any delicate objects.

nonstick cookware

When it comes to equipping your temporary kitchen, a few well-chosen electric appliances will get you through mealtime with ease. For starters, buy a good-quality electric or gas hot plate. It will come in handy for scrambling eggs and preparing other breakfast foods, heating vegetables, and cooking up simple one-dish dinners. If you don’t already own one, think about investing in an electric wok or skillet. It’s like having an extra burner. And an electric kettle is another handy piece of equipment to have around. It will allow you to quickly satisfy your caffeine craving during this stressful time, as well as enable you to have boiling water ready for a variety of instant, dehydrated foods. A coffeemaker is a must for those in need of frequent cups. A thermal carafe will keep the prepared brew hot for hours without using electricity.

Too Many Things To Do, Right?

Other appliances worth considering include a smokeless electric grill that will allow you to cook a variety of meats, fish, and vegetables so mealtime doesn’t get boring; a slow cooker, good for soups and stews, and a rice cooker. While rice can be the basis for many easily prepared meals during the renovation, the cooker is useful for preparing other foods, as well. You can make risotto, soups, stews, grains, and steamed vegetables in it. If you have a blender or handheld immersion blender, you can add some stock to those steamed vegetables and puree the mixture for thick, hearty soups.

smokeless electric grill

Don’t pack your toaster oven away; move it into your temporary kitchen. You can roast a chicken in it, broil fish, bake potatoes, and even make a cake in it. And, of course, you can have toasted bagels and heated waffles every morning. If the microwave oven in your old kitchen is a small, portable one, add it to your temporary kitchen.

Two more appliances that can add variety to the meals prepared at home during the renovation are a versatile and fast-cooking pressure cooker and a bread machine, adds food consultant. Heat the pressure cooker on a hot plate and surprise your family with delicious roasts and hearty casseroles. And if you add a bread machine to your appliance collection, you can have fresh breads for sandwiches at lunchtime and for sopping up the sauces of dinnertime stews prepared in the pressure cooker or slow cooker. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even bake a variety of desserts in the bread machine. Moreover, for further revolution, you need a best deep fryer and a good microwave oven for sure.

Words Of Caution

While today’s small appliances allow you to prepare delicious meals without feeling deprived as your new kitchen slowly takes shape, it’s best to keep food preparation as simple as possible. Be aware that textiles can easily absorb and hold onto cooking odors, so choose dishes that will not smell up the house. Additionally, stay away from foods that smoke or spatter as they cook. You don’t want a grease buildup in your living room as a permanent reminder of this period.

Having Meals with Family

With some careful planning and preparation ahead of time, you and your family will be able to eat well without having the extra expense of eating out added to your renovation budget or the monotony of takeout-only meals. And before too long, hopefully, you will finally be able to send out those invitations for a dinner party at home, prepared in your new dream kitchen.